nick/jess + comforting each other after heartbreaks


make me choose: alex and meredith or alex and lexie [asked by anon]

But when Tatiana does get recognized incorrectly, as one of her many characters, she has a plan. “The next time I get recognized, I can say, ‘I’m not Tatiana Maslany, I’m a clone’ — just to blow some minds.”

#me while watching my favourite show/movie

make me choose between two things meme:
anonymous made me choose between: scott/allison or scott/kira

richsgecko asked: felix dawkins or and alison hendrix

Robert Pattinson + David Cronenberg

Cosmopolis (2012) | Maps To the Stars (2014)

Maps to The Stars Still: Robert Pattinson as Jerome

annieedisons asked: Jess Day or Nick Miller


Margriet Smulders  - Siren Ink -Siren Milk 2010

Dutch photographer Margriet Smulders accomplished that feat in Botanicals Mirabilis, an abbreviated survey of larger-than- life floral photography at Hagedorn Gallery in Atlanta’s Buckhead district. Smulders’ show comprised nine images made over the last decade that explored ebullient color, explosive composition, and an animating eroticism that throbbed just below the surface.